Naija Building Estimator (NBE) is committed to changing the landscape of Nigeria building industry by enabling transparency on how building materials are estimated. This objective was achieved through the use of computing power, logics, statistics, and building science.
NBE data were specifically generated for the sole purpose of developing this application, it took a total of two years and six months to gather all the required data, analyze, and transform it into a service based application.
NBE enable prospective home/land owners, and building contractors to estimate the cost of building a home or fencing a land before embarking on the project.
NBE is a dynamic application in the sense that the application can be adjusted to reflect the current changes in building materials, labor rate, etc. Simply put, NBE is like having a quantity surveyor in your fingertips.
NBE is designed with data from the following building types: Bungalow, Duplex, Block of 4 flats and building fence.