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Pegging is done during the setting out stage of the building. Pegging is physically marking out the foundation plan of the building. It involves the use of pegs/sticks, tapes/ropes & nails.
Foundation is the lower portion of a building structure that transfers load from structure to the ground. Some of the factors that affect the selection of foundation includes: load from the building, soil condition, and building structure. A proper investigation is needed in other to determine the soil condition, depth of water table and type of soil before embarking on a building project.
The foundation is casted with concrete to solidify the base of the foundation to support the weight of the building.
DPC level is usually attained after three or four coaches of block from the foundation. The DPC usually prevents water or moisture from breaching the foundation of the building.
German floor
The purpose of German floor is to give additional support to the building especially buildings with one or more floors. Concrete is poured on the entire floor of the building after it must have been filled to DPC level with laterite.
Lintel is the horizontal support across the top of a window or door in a building. Usually done with materials like, wood, concrete, iron rods.
Decking is done after the lintel of a building to support weight. It is a flat surface to support the weight of a structure.
Parapet is a low protective wall along the edge of a roof. It's like the modern day Fascia board. It's made with concrete, rods.